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The company

Becri Group is formed by 4 companies: Becri - Confecções S.A., Guay - Trading Internacional, S.A., Gubec - I&D in Textiles and Titulos & Rubricas.

Founded in 1983, our operation in the textile industry is focused on the international markets.

The competencies of Becri's human resources, with 400 employees, are the cornerstone of its sustained growth, whose know-how has been contributing to consolidate the company's position in the market throughout the years. Consistently involved in ongoing training, our people possess all the necessary knowledge to fulfil our clients' requirements.
The company's strategy is led by Innovation and ongoing investment in new equipment and the most recent technology to meet the needs and requirements of the services we provide. Ongoing investment, as new facilities with increased production capacities, allows to optimize profitability enhancing the quality of our products, thus fulfilling the company's main goal of providing a quality service, always in compliance with the determined times and prices.

With a reinforced I&D department that includes a design atelier, we are able to provide solutions that meet all our client’s needs, as collection development and pattern maker services. We are also able to execute proto/mockups in the same day. All with the flexibility to provide short execution and delivery times.

You think it, we do it.



Becri - Malhas e Confecções S.A. began its activity in 1983,

at a time when it was composed of five partners and fifteen employees. Aiming at the national market, it operated mainly as a knitwear manufacturer subcontracted by other companies.

Following a share split and transfer in 1986,

Becri began being run by only two managing partners.


In the year of 1987 Becri stopped working merely as a subcontractor, and began selling directly to the domestic and foreign markets.

This was the year Becri earned its first overseas client, from the United Kingdom. As the company grew, so did the number of employees, as it doubled its staff.


The year 1994 brought consolidated growth,

as the company finally conquered its place in the domestic as well as in the foreign market. Such growth entailed a necessary change of facilities into a pavilion in Alvelos, with about 800 m2.


In 1996 the number of partners grew to four.

The company increased the working space to around 1800 m2, with the consequent remodelling of equipment, infrastructures and technologies – with special mention to the refrigerating system in the production area and the construction of the changing rooms, on-site medical office and cafeteria.


As a result of the investment and restructuring measures taken, the company continued to grow in 2000.


Eventually reaching a staff of 85 employees by 2004.


In spite of the crisis that shook the textile industry, in 2005/06 Becri - Malhas e Confecções S.A.

managed to retain renowned clients and prepare for the future, guided by clear business goals.


In 2007 Becri was awarded the status of PME (Small and Medium Companies) Leader by IAPMEI,

the Portuguese Institute Supporting Small and Medium Companies and Innovation, integrated in the Fincresce Program. Facilities were extended and remodelled, now occupying 3000 m2, with the creation of the raw material warehouse and modernisation of equipment, the computer network and the cutting room, by purchasing new spreading machines.


The company is guided by a growth-focused strategy, leveraging on in-house know-how and a good reputation among its clients.

All growth efforts will be made towards the foreign market, improving service levels and our relationship with current clients, while also striving to conquer new clients as well as new markets.

Seeking to reorganise its structure and human resources, Becri - Malhas e Confecções S.A. began working with external consultants, with the purpose of optimising information systems, improve planning and implement methods and times.

Becri - Malhas e Confecções S.A. values its staff, considering its employees one of the pillars of the organisation. Accordingly, the company takes pride in providing a sound working environment and ongoing professional training so everyone can access the proper tools to contribute to the company's success, sharing the values that characterise the organisation.


Policy Management

Becri considers it is crucial for its management activity to uphold the following guidelines:

  To be a dynamic organization, proactive and aware of the needs and expectations of both its clients and interested parties, investing in an ongoing adaptation to the market’s emerging demands, thus fostering its competitive advantages.

  To thoroughly fulfil contract requirements and technical specifications, while also delivering quality and meeting established deadlines, in due respect for all partners’ brands and patents.

  To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements resulting from its activity, including environmental, quality, health and safety at work and social responsibility aspects.

  To invest in new and effective technological solutions, in terms of equipment, products and processes, so as to ensure its competitivity in manufacturing, defending and guaranteeing a solid, sustainable development.
  To provide all its employees with adequate training, tools and resources, as well as a favorable and cohesive working environment, favoring their good performance while also ensuring hygiene, safety and health for all.

  To respect employees by guaranteeing fair wages and rejecting offenses to human dignity, such as precarious work, child or forced labor, and any undignified conditions, acts of corruption, or any other of degrading nature.

  To proceed at all times towards preserving the environment by appealing to its employees’ and partners’ effort, support and awareness, thus minimizing environmental impact and preventing pollution, striving for maximum ecological sustainability

  To promote the ongoing improvement of its Management System, in an integrated perspective to satisfy all parties involved.


Our mission is to manufacture products that can meet the most rigorous technical specifications demanded by our clients, by choosing the best raw materials in strict compliance with the established time of delivery.


To continue to achieve the best performance in our business activity, translated in satisfied clients, suppliers, employees and other business partners.


Throughout the years, Becri has never ceased to collaborate with several social associations and institutions, promoting and supporting them with the necessary means to accomplish their purposes.

The company believes the key to success lies with its employees, for which it has been working on several areas in order to provide an optimal level of work-life balance. Accordingly, Becri has been focusing on the following areas of intervention:

  Ongoing professional training;   Protocols established with different companies for employee discount;
  On-site medical appointments;   Continuous improvement of working conditions and tools;
  Compliance with all laws and standards related to Health and Safety at Work;   The best working equipment, in terms of ergonomics and safety;
  A system of values that is shared among all stakeholders.

Our commitment goes beyond ensuring the quality of our garments – it is towards everything around us and which can be affected by our actions.